Brand/Business Analysis and Consultancy

    Learning the Fundamentals of Social Marketing

    Both of the Above. (The Complete DSMC of Brand)

    After the above choice is made. A contract with the above information will be generated and at the bottom a “I Agree” or “I have read the above Terms and Conditions” button will display and then done.

    The following Agreement is Between ____________Basic Details____________ & E-Solutions Regarding ____Choice________.

    Project Features:
    Analysis Report
    1. Website (Complete Report of all key elements missing, how to fix them and their solutions)
    2. Social Media Platforms (See “Requirements from Client”)

    Content Creation, Strategy building and planning
    1. How to develop creative content designs, brainstorming, images and ideas best Optimized for efficient advertisement, brand awareness and engaging audience.
    2. Content Calendar for Efficient Marketing later on aswell.

    Content Distribution
    1. The correct times and place for posting on social platforms for when the audience is most active for higher engagement.
    2. A beginner guide on Page | Post | Promotion | Advertisement and Boosting.

    Requirements from Client:
    1. For Social Media Analysis report an editor rank on page would be required.
    2. Being Regular with the Project owner and sparing some time for discussions and planning.
    3. The Rest will be talked and discussed as need be.

    Project Proposed Date:
    1. Thursday, October 31st – 2019 (Whatever date it is it will be in this format)

    Project Time Line:
    1. Maximum Two Weeks.

    Project Cost
    1. Total: PKR. 8,000/- (Eight Thousand)
    2. Break-Up: PKR. 4,000/- in Advance & PKR. 4,000/- after Service Conclusion

    Payment Terms:
    1. Complete payment will be in 2 phases
    2. Any other service apart from the above plan will have to be paid Separately
    3. Payment should always be paid through cheque in the favor of E-SOLUTIONS.
    4. The cheque should not be postdated, nor be entitled for any date more than of 5 working days.
    5. If incase the cheque gets bounced, the client is bound to pay the amount in terms on the same day.
    5. E-Solutions is only liable for promotion, marketing, brand awareness and creation of brand presence through different above-mentioned medias on different channels. Whereas, the SALES oriented results are not guaranteed. However, promotion, marketing, brand awareness and creation of brand presence is to be guaranteed. Hence, withdrawing the contract with the reason of low sales-oriented result will not be allowed.
    6. If customer / clients conduct any issue related to payment terms, then the service provider has a full right to withdraw the contract.
    7. The above price is valid only within the limits of Pakistan.
    8. This quotation is Exclusive of all Taxes.
    9. This proposal is valid for 14 days from the date of submission

    Project Owners:
    Mr. Ahmed Zafar
    Head - DSMC
    Contract Approval Yes