NTC International

An Exciting New Journey
into the Digital Realm for NTC.

NTC’s vast experience and massive product line places
its customers at the center of its product.

Producing Tailored garments in categories ranging from workwear, sports wear, martial arts and fashion wear providing comfort, saftey and integrity at the same time.

The online platform connects with the target audience on an emotional level with compelling content and effortless web-design.




Concept/User Experience/Design Direction


In Development



NTC came to us with a very unique challenge: In spite of the fact that the brand had an recognizable presence for its uniquely diversified structures. Basic e-shop was just the platform this brand needed to flourish, as the vast state of items could be displayed separately and according to their product categories for the convenience of customers


Strategy & Approach

Nitty gritty research lead to the acknowledgment that most traffic and potential clients were in need of such platform were they could view and interact with the products, and so our methodology was adjusted to these . Singular frames were produced for each product on the website.Taking a prompt from the brand’s main page of adding safety, comfort and integrity. We added contact forms from where clients could send questions directly to NTC so they may discover how a product is made, its benefits and how to order.


Final Experience

The last understanding for end clients was liquid with a client driven methodology. The outcome was an expansion in advanced perceivability. Today, NTC is a risen brand prepared to extend its base through inside and out because of the stage we created.


Creating a new Visual language
for all digital platforms

Although NTC uses high-impact designs, it wanted
to transform its Online presence.

A vast piece of our reserch was centered around how we communicate with our customers. Part of the test was transforming emotion and feeling into something visually tangible. We trust that a positive ordeal is the mix of two components: Visual and Literary. To accomplish that, we explored different avenues using fluid movements while upgrading the customers experience.

We were entrusted with writing a new creative language for all NTC Products and linking them in a singular digital web based platform in an e-shop fashion, without giving up the excellence of the site or the brand’s message. Through refreshing typography, fluid movements, and huge photography, we made an outwardly engaging, vivid world intended to inspire and draw in customers while making them feel like welocmed.