wiz wash

The Big, Brave & The Bold


Paving the Road for the Excellency Wizwash Required and the Influence it Deserved.

Wizwash had a diversified range of products that required equal attention for optimum reach. Wizwash also required specially optimized content for each product that could further enhance its connectivity.

A Website that is simple, fun and innovative to browse through. Giving a personalized user experience attracting more leads to a website like no other.




Initial Concept/Creative Web Design
Responsive web Development/Ecommerce



E-commerce is no longer just about adding an online storefront and its additional income stream. Today’s e-commerce links the client directly to the path they wants to be on and we wanted to establish just that for wizwash and its customer base.


Strategy & Approach

The Methodology was worked around giving a kind of outwardly fun looking user experience that is as simple as it is complicated. You can search and filter intuitively, moreover you could also move flawlessly between shopping and finding advice on how to clean your appliances most efficiently with the products and the tools that wizwash offers.


Final Experience

Our E-commerce plan for wizwash fit perfectly with our design for the website. The design was not only loved by the client but the users also found them extremely friendly, fun and innovative which in the end was a great win for us all


An Interactive Visual
Scenery for you to Experience.